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Lock It InWith Spiral Wound LinerTM

Forget about whether to push or pull a liner into place: use Spiral Wound LinerTM, which is produced in the diameter needed for the repair at the exact length and no waste. Many feet of pipe are produced from one reel of material, so the cost of shipping is less than factory-manufactured pipe. Plus, the lining is accomplished within the existing right-of-way and with no coupling worry because the liner is one continuous section.

The Spiral Wound LinerTM system is based upon a special extruded plastic profile. This profile has a smooth inside and a T-ribbed outer surface with interlocking edges. When fed through the winding machine, these edges interlock at two positions, and simultaneously, an injected sealant is introduced that also acts as a friction lubricant during the engagement of the locking mechanisms. While the general “T” configuration remains the same, profiles vary in thickness and weight to produce liners that meet performance criteria and diameters. Each profile is made from Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride (RPVC) and, when used with proven sealants and cements, a liner of the highest integrity is ensured.

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Backed by Exhaustive Quality Testing & Evaluation

  • Constructed from PVC. When used with approved sealants and cements, the liner is projected for 80-year performance.
  • Various profile dimensions. We can meet exact performance criteria and diameter.
  • Due to the friction coefficient of PVC, there is generally no loss of hydraulic flow ability of rehabilitated pipe.
  • Manufactured on-site to the exact length needed.  No waste and less shipping charges than factory manufactured pipe.
  • Less disruption of traffic vs. a complete replacement.
  • Meets ASTM F1741 for installation of Machine Spiral Wound PVC Liner and ASTM F1697 specification for PVC liner.

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Spiral Wound Liner TM Logo

Are you using CIPP (cured in place) or slip lining currently?

For your next project, choose SWL.

Why Spiral Wound LinerTM?


Our custom-blended compound is sourced from Teknor Apex™, a company founded right here in the USA with global ISO certification. This ensures consistency, pellet after pellet, and aids in flawless extrusion. We are proud to work with Midwest-based, 9001 Quality Management Certified TigerHawk Profiles™ to create the PVC profiles used in our product. Why is this important?

  • Abbott Award FinalistAmerican Made
  • Advanced Equipment and Experienced Personnel lead to Impeccable Quality
  • Meets ASTM F1741 for standard practice for installation of machine spiral wound PVC liner pipe and ASTM F1697 specification for PVC profile strip for machine spiral wound liner pipe rehabilitation of existing sewers and conduit.

How It Works

Spiral Wound LinerTM profile Is extruded onto spools containing as much as 9,000 feet of product. The profile is 5.5 inches wide with heights of ½”; ¾” and 1”. The on-site manufacturing consists of the profile exiting the spool and into a hydraulic winding machine that has a profile-to-pipe transformation cage attached, which produces a liner slightly smaller than the host pipe. The SWL profile-to-liner transformation machine (from a fixed position at an access point) has drive rollers that pull the profile from the spool and around the cage. The winder’s press roller then presses the interlocking edges together; it is at this roller where the sealant is injected.

The continual feeding of the profile through the profile-to-pipe transformation cage results in a continuous spiral wound pipe that traverses through the deteriorated host pipe until it reaches the desired termination point. Subsequently, the annular space is filled with an appropriate grout to fill voids, eliminate infiltration, and gain an additional structural component by bonding the liner to the host pipe.

Profile to Liner Calculation Chart

SWL OD Pipe SizeSWL ID Pipe SizeSWL Ft.SWL per ft of pipeHeight of profile


Minimal Traffic Disruption
NO Waste… manufactured on-site to the exact length needed
LOWER Shipping Fees than factory-manufactured pipe; many feet of liner are produced from one reel of PVC profile
Generally NO Loss of Hydraulic Flow due to the coefficient of friction of PVC
Projected 80-year Performance
Various Profile Dimensions: we meet exact performance criteria & diameters 16” – 72”
Can be installed with 30% Flow inside the pipe
Lining is accomplished within Existing Right-of-way and only needs three feet of clearance… this means less exposure to buried utilities
NO Couplings – the liner is one continuous section

Huge Eco-Friendly Benefits

Environmentally Friendly Process
Rehab is solely a mechanical process
NO styrene
NO contaminated waste
NO water to dispose of

Save thousands of dollars

compared to other rehabilitation methods or replacement. See the advantages and compare the time savings with SWL and Lock It In.

Save Thousands of Dollars