Humboldt County was dealing with joints in boxes and culverts that were located in hard to reach places and where it was cost prohibitive to tear everything up.

“Richard and everyone are easy to get along with, painless! I would absolutely recommend them, they are great to work with. This is a key tool that every county should utilize!”

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Ben Loots, Engineer
Humboldt County

Davis County needed to address pipes located under hard surfaces so they worked with Grout Scouts.

“We worked with Grout Scouts before and they are always smooth to work with. Yes, I would recommend them!” - Ryan Schock, Engineer

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Ryan Schock, Engineer
Davis County

Winneshiek County has been working with Grout Scouts for many years and for many reasons, including separated pipes and sagging concrete.

“We are always very happy. They know what to do and their guys get in and get out, no messing around! I absolutely recommend them.”

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Lee Bjerke, Engineer
Winneshiek County

Louisa County was dealing with bridge approaches that were settling. They had worked with Grout Scouts in the past and knew that they would be able to meet their timeline and requirements.

“We had a smooth experience and were very happy with the timeliness, coordination and the pricing!”

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Larry Roehl, County Engineer
Louisa County

“Richard is good to work with, he knows what to do and gets it done!”

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Rich Brumm, County Engineer
Mitchell County

Cherokee County had issues of voids in embankments and washouts. Having worked with Grout Scouts in the past they knew who to call.

“The process was flawless. They know what to do to get the job done, easy! I was surprised by how easy it was and their amount of knowledge.”

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Brandon Billings, Engineer
Cherokee County

Johnson County had pulled apart and rusted culverts in places like dead end roads and areas with heavy traffic. The Road Supervisor, Kevin Braddock, has been with the county for 21 years. His predecessor worked with Grout Scouts so he continued to as well.

“The process is easy, I keep a list on file and give it to Rich when he is in the area. I am always happy with their professionalism, communication and plan of attack. I would definitely recommend them and just did while talking with a city. I like that there is not much impact or delay in traffic. We have even had residents express thanks for the lack of delay.”

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Kevin Braddock, Road Supervisor
Johnson County

Separated pipes under paved roads lead to Howard County working with Grout Scouts.

“The experience is very smooth, easy and able to change. They let us know how we can save money and materials, very accommodating. I was surprised to see the owner (Richard) do his share of work. He is the first to crawl into a small pipe! I definitely recommend them.”

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Andrew Lensing, Field Assistant Inspector
Howard County

Sun Valley Lake had decaying and rusting culverts that needed lined so they gave Grout Scouts a call.

“We searched around for awhile and ended up finding Grout Scouts.The good part is not only that Richard and crew do a good job but they keep us informed the whole way. I have already recommended them to other county engineers.”

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Jon Vennick, Project Manager
Sun Valley Lake

A utility trenched a pipe and it need to be repaired. Grout Scouts patched and then stabilized the pipe. He heard about Grout Scouts through the Engineer’s conference and other area counties who used Grout Scout Services prior.

“The process is good. I like that I can call Richard and talk about issues. Grout Scouts stands out because they do more culvert repair. I would recommend them.”

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Ryan Brennan, Assistant Engineer
Blackhawk County

Grout Scouts has done mostly mudjacking, pipe lining and tying off for Delaware County.

“The only thing is Grout Scouts needs to make more time to come by. What stands out is that Grout Scouts is willing to do a lot of crawling in where most won’t. I would recommend Grout Scouts.”

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Anthony T. Bardgett, P.E.
Delaware County

Des Moines County was having issues with culverts that were bulging. They know Richard is easy to work with. “We were very pleased! Grout Scouts did a great job and the process was very easy for us.”

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Des Moines County

Floyd County needed culvert lining and some bridge approaches jacked up. He couldn’t remember for sure how he first heard about Grout Scouts, but he thought it could have been at the Engineer’s Conference.

“The only thing is that they are very busy. I can give Richard a list of 6 things around the county. They will all get done, and it will be a good job. It will be left clean when done. I would recommend them. The only thing I would add is they need to update their brochure. They do way more than is in the brochure.”

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Brian Pickar, Assistant Engineer
Floyd County