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Spirally Wound Pipe Liner by Grout Scouts Spirally Wound Pipe Liner by Grout Scouts Grout Scouts Spirally Wound Pipe Liner by Grout Scouts

Spiral Wound LinerTM by Grout Scouts, Inc.TM

Slip lining deteriorated pipes under streets and roads is now locked in with Spiral Wound LinerTM manufactured onsite by Grout Scouts, Inc.TM

Grout Scouts, Inc.TM has rehabilitated more than 20 miles of deteriorated host pipes using machine spiral wound PVC liner pipe during the last 20 years. They have also saved clients millions of dollars versus the cost of replacement.

One of the greatest aspects of Spiral Wound LinerTM is that the lining is accomplished within existing right-of-way. This means there is no coupling worry because the liner is one continuous section. We use a pipe produced in the diameter needed for the repair at the exact length.

SWL PVC Profile


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Minimal Traffic Disruption
NO Waste… manufactured on-site to the exact length needed
LOWER Shipping Fees than factory-manufactured pipe; many feet of liner are produced from one reel of PVC profile
Generally NO Loss of Hydraulic Flow due to the friction coefficient of PVC
Projected 80-year Performance
Various Profile Dimensions: we meet exact performance criteria & diameters 16” – 72”
Can be installed with 30% Flow inside the pipe
Lining is accomplished within Existing Right-of-way and only needs three feet of clearance… this means less exposure to buried utilities
NO Couplings – the liner is one continuous section
Grout Scouts - Spirally Wound Liner
Grout Scouts - Spirally Wound Liner
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Grout Scouts - Slideshow

Additional Services

If you are not looking to replace, we can repair it! Grout Scouts, Inc.TM can help with the following repairs: