About Us

Grouts Scouts, Inc., is a pressure grouting firm focusing on geotechnical-related construction needs of city, county and state road departments. Since 1996, Grout Scouts, Inc. is proud that we have saved taxpayers millions of dollars by repairing culverts, bridges and pavement rather than replacing them.

Gulvert Repair
Grouts Scouts, Inc.

Grouts Scouts, Inc., in a team effort with engineers, uses the five A’s of pressure grouting success:

  • Awareness of the problem before it’s too late.
  • Analysis of this problem for its best remedy.
  • Acting upon the problem with the best remedy in an appropriate manner.
  • Ability to act upon the problem.
  • Alliance between Grout Scouts, Inc., engineers and others to implement this ability.

We, in developing this rapport with engineers and other road officials, strive to develop lifelong clients… not one job and done. We have discovered the better acquainted we are with these teammates the better is our performance.

We focus on municipal projects but also use this rapport when working with general contractors, railroads, factories and others.

Grouts Scouts, Inc.

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